Professional Interpreting & Translation Services

Mammalingua specialises in professional translation services and interpreting services for a broad spectrum of clients. From legal interpreting services to document translation services, our team of expert language translators and interpreters have the track record to ensure you receive a service that is second to none.

The essential elements which we strive to bring to all our professional translation services and interpreting services, and which determine the choice of language specialist for each specific assignment are:

  • Accuracy

  • A speedy response

  • An appropriate and creative approach to presentation

  • Attention to detail

  • An aptitude for or ‘feel for’ the field in which the work is based

  • Appropriate qualifications for the translator or interpreter

Recent Interpreting & Translation Assignments

Mammalingua’s recent professional translation and interpreting assignments have included:

  • Provision of a courtroom interpreter to assist a Ukranian defendant

  • Translation of a French realty survey report for solicitors acting in a divorce case

  • Attendance at a police station to assist with the interview of an Italian national

  • Translation of Greek and Russian marriage and birth certificates to assist in residence applications

  • Translation from the Turkish language of an invitation to tender on behalf of a prospective bidder

  • Translation of the script of a Spanish drama for a well known celebrity client

  • Translation of Italian banker's letters for a UK based investor in European real estate

Mammalingua’s translators and interpreters network has never failed to yield a suitable linguist, even for the most obscure target language

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