Home Tuition

Home tuition offers these powerful advantages:

1. The learner receives the tutor’s exclusive attention, therefore learning is more rapid

2. The teaching process can be tailored entirely to the learner’s individual needs, language background and skill level

3. The ‘shyness factor’ is largely eliminated, as the learner may be saved the initial embarrassment of addressing an unfamiliar language and its pronunciation in front of fellow learners

4. There is a massive convenience factor in that the learner does not waste time and energy travelling to a learning centre

The Mammalingua Home Tuition Experience

Our teaching is geared towards meeting the precise needs of the learner, and taking due account of their existing language skills, aptitude for languages and the pace at which they are most comfortable.

This is how we proceed:

Step 1 Our Education Director has a discussion with the learner to explain how we work, to identify the learner’s aims, linguistic background and special requirements and advises on the most effective teaching method, including the frequency of lessons

Step 2 We identify the most suitable tutor for the assignment and brief them accordingly

Step 3 During the first tuition visit, the tutor spends a few minutes drawing up a teaching plan in conjunction with the learner

Step 4 At the second visit, the client will be advised of any course material which may streamline the learning experience

A flexible approach has been the key to our success, so that where a learner’s main interest is simply to be understood in the target language at a basic level, they may opt to minimise the grammatical content. The nature of the leaning material is always adapted to the types of situation in which the learner will use the target language; holidays, travel, restaurants, socialising and business dealings are typical examples.

Quality Control

In keeping with best practice in higher education, our quality assurance procedure requires tutors to keep clear records showing the progress of each pupil against their individual teaching plan. Our senior staff regularly meet with tutors for progress reviews, as a result of which, modifications may be made to the level, content or pace of teaching in individual cases; this reflects the Mammalingua philosophy of maintaining a flexible approach.

Shared Lessons

The ‘sharing’ of a tutor between two or more home tuition learners has often proved a cost-effective solution for the client; the group dynamics tend to prove a positive aid to learning, even where students’ ability levels have varied. Where there is a good mix of personalities, the ‘fun’ element of the lessons (something Mammalingua always seeks to achieve) can be greatly enhanced!