Our Background

Mammalingua was established in 2004 by its current Education Director, with the aim of enabling companies, professionals, private individuals and school children to benefit from her many years of experience as a language tutor, lecturer and Head of a Language Department in Higher Education.

Our Client Base and Ethos

In a highly competitive market place, Mammalingua has built up a strong portfolio of clients with a high rate of retention and return business. This level of success has been achieved through concentrating on the individual needs and progress of each client and adapting our service delivery to achieve the optimal results in each case. Stringent quality control by our senior management team offers continual assurance that each assignment is on course to meet these objectives.

The Mammalingua Adult Teaching System

Unlike other language training companies, we will select a language training mode best suited to the client’s needs, rather than adhering strictly to a standard methodology. Many language training companies make exclusive use of the Communicative Approach, in which sessions are delivered mainly in the language being taught. We will employ this method where we know that this is right for the client; however, individuals or separate groups of individuals learn best in different ways, which may be driven by factors such as their academic background or their existing knowledge of the target language.

The Mammalingua System is based on a flexible approach and on careful initial identification of clients’ needs. It makes extensive use of student participation and may include role playing, the delivery of presentations and in some cases the use of native song and lyrics.

Flexibility, client care and the delivery of an enjoyable learning experience have been the keys to our success in getting students talking and communicating confidently

Our Language Tutors

Immense care is taken in the recruitment and selection of Mammalingua language tutors, the majority of whom are native speakers. Academic or linguistic qualifications are only one element of our selection criteria; we also look for the right personal qualities, which will include patience, communication skills and a positive and empathetic attitude. Where the learners are children or teenagers, the optimal matching of pupils and language tutors is of prime importance; we have been consistently successful in achieving this.

Mammalingua is unrivalled in their vigorous attention to detail in the selection and allocation of language tutors.

Course Format

This is another area in which Mammalingua offers a flexible approach to meeting client needs. We provide language tuition during working hours, in evenings or at weekends, at pupils’ homes, client offices or public venues. We have worked in conjunction with schools to deliver language taster sessions and adult education classes on-site and have provided language tutors or facilitators to groups of adult learners both at home and in conversation groups. Currently we are running well-attended language conversation groups within a national chain of bookshops.

The ‘sharing’ of a language tutor between two or more GCSE or A Level students has often proved a cost-effective solution for parents; the group dynamic of such an arrangement tends to prove a positive aid to learning, even where students’ ability levels are mixed.

Wherever possible we tailor the course format, timing and location to meet client needs as far as we possibly can.

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