GCSE & A Level Language Tuition

Recognising the increasing financial burden of raising children and securing their education we have striven to keep our GCSE & A Level language tuition fees as competitive as possible in this area, whilst maintaining the quality and professionalism of our teaching. Since 2004, 85% of our pupils have attained A or B grade examination passes, proving the effectiveness of our methods.

Home language tuition for GCSE and A Level students offers these advantages:

  • The pupil receives the language tutor’s exclusive attention
  • The language teaching process can be tailored entirely to the pupil’s individual needs, language background and skill level and will be geared towards boosting confidence
  • Peer pressures and the ‘shyness factor’ are largely eliminated, as the pupil may be saved the initial embarrassment of addressing a foreign language and its pronunciation in front of fellow pupils
  • There is a massive convenience factor in that the pupil does not waste time and energy travelling to a learning centre

Our GCSE and A Level Language Tuition Process

Our language tuition process is all about meeting the precise needs of the pupil, and taking due account of their existing language skills, natural level of aptitude for languages and the pace at which they are most comfortable learning.

The Mammalingua language tuition process follows the following pattern:

Step 1 Our Education Director has a discussion with the parents to explain how we work, to identify the pupil’s aims, linguistic background and any special requirements and to advise on the most effective teaching process, including the frequency of lessons

Step 2 During the first tuition visit, the GCSE or A Level language tutor draws up a teaching plan, based on those areas of the relevant curriculum in which the pupil requires most assistance.

Our GCSE & A Level language Tutors

We exercise the utmost care in selecting GCSE & A Level language tutors for children and teenagers and seek a particular set of personal qualities, which will include patience, communication skills, a positive and empathetic attitude and a youthful outlook. The optimal matching of pupils and tutors is of prime importance; we have been consistently successful in achieving this. All GCSE & A Level language tutors are vetted via CRB checks and an up-to-date knowledge of the examination syllabi is, of course, of prime importance.

Quality Control

In keeping with best education sector practice, our quality assurance process requires tutors to keep clear records showing the progress of each pupil against their individual teaching plan. Our senior staff regularly meet with tutors for progress reviews, and as a result of such reviews, modifications may be made to the method or pace of teaching in individual cases; this reflects the Mammalingua philosophy of maintaining a flexible approach for each pupil.

Shared GCSE or A Level Language Lessons

The ‘sharing’ of a language tutor between two or more pupils has often proved a cost-effective solution for clients; the group dynamics tend to prove a positive aid to learning, even where students’ ability levels have been mixed, and where there is a good mix of personalities, the enjoyable aspect of the lessons (something mammalingua always seeks to include) can be greatly enhanced!

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